Scanning Services

MDP Marketing  will provide the entire operation required to fulfill the WCB’s paper-to- image conversion requirements, including all functions necessary to support the paper-to-image conversion, verification and indexing of all documents; quality assurance to ensure that all information that is readable and recognizable in the original document is readable and recognizable on the digital image.

MDP Marketing can provide quality assurance within every step of the process; from intake to delivery:

Document Preparation
Standard document preparation includes removal of any fasteners and preparation of document for scanning. All documents for paper-to-image conversion are handled with security and accuracy. Custom solutions allow MDP Marketing to accommodate the needs of each client. Indexing and custom business logic can be applied allowing multiple levels of proof points. Each document imaged undergoes quality assurance review. Indexing and optical character recognition (OCR) processes streamlines file retrieval.

MDP Marketing provides large-volume document scanning services, indexing on key data and records. Quality assurance processes are a critical factor for successful data products.  Customers choose the image conversion processes thatMDP Marketing will deliver. MDP Marketing will ensure optimal image quality output.

Document Delivery
Images and hard copy documents can be securely delivered to your site or stored and maintained for easy access and retrieval. Electronic transfers of any data is through secure, two-factor authentication in accordance with NYS requirements.

MDP Marketing offers secure short or long term document retention and retrieval, based on the customer’s needs. Any document destruction is performed on premises and meets all Heath Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) regulations.

Hard Copy Return
Document-tracking systems are in place to facilitate storage and retrieval of paper documents in a timely manner. Hard-copies are provided back, as required.

Destruction (If Applicable)
Any and all document destruction is completed on premises and follows NYS document destruction requirements.

Electronic document and image ingestion
MDP Marketing will accept electronic documents via fax, email, SFTP, HTTPS and directly from the client.MDP Marketing will convert the images into a standard, usable format and processed according to the client’s specifications.

Data Capture Requirements
MDP Marketing shall capture such indices for each converted image as required. MDP Marketing will develop a custom process to populate and verify data for accuracy and efficiency per client’s described process. We provide the indexing of all records to provide the ability to be interfaced with any other required records or data using a combination of automated “extraction” and manual verification. Multiple passes will be performed where necessary to verify that indexed data is correct and complete. Documents are randomly verified throughout the process using measured population data.

Facility Requirements (If Applicable)
MDP Marketing will provide facilities that offer state-of-the-art security systems. Entries access is multi level security based. FOB access and is maintained with redundancy and video surveillance.

Disaster-Recovery Requirements
As needed.

Reporting Requirements
MDP Marketing will submit timely reports as required.